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My almost life-long history with Doom starts off when I was 9. I had received a copy of The Ultimate Doom as a Christmas gift that year. This was less than one year after getting my first 486-based PC mind you. The very first time I saw that title screen I was in love. This game completely spoke to me and fit everything I needed in a game but didn't yet know I needed. The dark, gory atmosphere, the awesome art style and the music and sounds -- all of it became a way of life. I played that game over and over until I knew every level by heart. Later when Doom II: Hell on Earth came out, I remember getting the jewel case version for DOS at a local Wal-Mart. The obsession continued. Same goes for Final Doom, which is quite probably the most difficult Doom game ever officially released. I didn't discover the Master Levels for Doom II or Maximum Doom until many years later, but I love them dearly because the variety of levels is great. When Doom 3 came out in 2004 I was not able to intially enjoy it because basically my rig was not up to the task at that time. I was able to finally enjoy the masterpiece that is Doom 3 a couple years later and boy was it worth the wait! Same goes for Resurrection of Evil. In 2012, the Doom 3: BFG Edition was a great addition to my collection. Although it was great to see remasters of the original Doom 3 and Classic Doom and Doom II games, I was most excited to see No Rest for the Living - the first canonical expansion to Doom II. Although No Rest for the Living was only 10 levels, they were amazing and HUGE! I love this expansion. Doom, released in 2016, is a modern reboot of the series that keeps the feel of fast-paced intense gameplay while bringing in a new story and modern visuals. I like this game a lot, and I sincerely enjoy its multiplayer. The re-releases of The Ultimate Doom, Doom II and Doom 3 for the 25th anniversary are amazing and they only keep getting better!